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Basic Values

Based on the ancient Balinese Philosophy and Practices of Tri Hita Karana, the Vision and Mission of BENIH BALI will be accomplished through a range of Programs derived from the following Basic Values:

  • Long term interests of Humanity, including present and future generations, should prevail over short term and private interests.
  • The conservation of natural resources, including agro-biodiversity, should have precedence over any unsustainable practices by the present generation.
  • Agro-biodiversity should be considered the fuel of Sustainable Development and the needed buffer to secure Sustainable Agriculture in an uncertain future, impacted by globalization and climate change.
  • Maintaining, nurturing and using bio-diversity will keep more options open for all.
  • Innovation in agriculture is a cumulative, collective and continuous process that should be used for the benefit of all.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to mediate process and coordinate Programs, acting as a bridge between the production and demand of local organic, open pollinated (OOP) seeds. The Mission is accomplished by:

  • Increasing Balinese farmer awareness & appreciation of local seed varieties, including encouraging their creative inputs in the positive evolution of “local seed”.
  • Empowering Balinese farmers to protect and produce their own quality organic, open pollinated (OOP) seed that thrive best in relation to the local Bali climate, conditions, including diseases and pests.
  • Encouraging OOP seed re-distribution, and fostering a de-centralized approach, with availability to people of all economic backgrounds.
  • Educating the general public on best practices for seed saving, including home, school and community practices.
  • Increasing market demand for local seed, and local food products from these seeds by increasing the quantity & quality of home, school, community and commercial organic gardens in Bali.
  • Creating stronger and truly sustainable communities by encouraging complete food cycles and supportive eco-systems.

Advisors and Partners of BENIH BALI

Board of Advisors (2014 – 2015)

Help to guide, inspire and encourage the success of the Mission and Programs of BENIH BALI.

Chairperson: Bapak I Nyoman Tjager (Komisaris Utama Bursa Efek Indonesia (Chairman of the Indonesian Stock Exchange), and Chairman & Founding Member Bali Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (BISA).

Program Coordinator: Ibu Mary Jane Edleson (Founding Member & Senior Advisor, Bali Institute for Sustainable Agriculture. Convivium Leader of Slow Food Bali.


Prof I Made Supartha Utama, Ph.D. Director, Center for Research and Development on Horticultural Crops (CREDHOC), Udayana University. Professor in Postharvest Physiology and Technology of Horticultural Crops, Dept.of Agric. Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Udayana University.

Ibu Hayu Dyah, Founder & Chairman, Yayasan Mantasa

Bapak Ade Adreawan, Executive Director, IDEP Foundation

Ibu Catherine Wheeler, Founding Member of Slow Food Bali

Others TBA


Academic, Technical & Professional Partners (2014 – 2015)

Based on mutually agreed parameters, provides assistance and input to help propose, guide, support or implement research & field operations, where appropriate, and to help advance the Mission of BENIH BALI:

  • University Udayana, Bali (UNUD)
  • IDEP (Bali)
  • Others TBA


Supporting Partners (2014 – 2015)

Provide local and community support for BENIH BALI programs, including encouraging uptake of local OOP seeds, and food products from these local seed production efforts. Assist in supportive communications to increase market demand for local OOP seed, and local food products from local OOP seeds.

  • Slow Food Bali
  • Yayasan Mantasa
  • Others TBA

Upcoming Events

  • “Save Your Seeds” Workshop

    “Save Your Seeds” WorkshopDate & Venue soon to be announced

    Come join a skill building and hands-on experience in the art of traditional seed saving. Develop an appreciation of the botany of seed, and its role in plant reproduction. Learn from experts how to encourage seed production in your own home garden, and how to harvest and store seeds.

  • Sorghum Sampling

more events

Seed Stories

  • Dr Vandana Shiva Inspires BENIH BALI Programby Mary Jane Edleson

    Dr Vandana Shiva Inspires BENIH BALI Program

    In August, Dr Vandana Shiva visited Jakarta, east Java and Bali, inspiring large audiences on the importance of our endless fight for seed freedom. Under a program entitled OUR SEEDS, OUR FUTURE: Strengthening Indonesia’s Food Sovereignty, several non-profit organizations, including Mantasa, Slow Food Bali and IDEP Foundation, collaborated to develop a special program in Bali. Besides making a powerful presentation at a Celebration Dinner and Seminar in Bali, Vandana Shiva visited the Greenschool and had a chance to tour the UNESCO living cultural rice producing area of Jatiluwih.

  • Call to Action: Local Seed!

more seed stories


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