ProgramsLocal Seed Inventory Project

Local Seed Inventory Project

Creating a publicly available inventory of existing “local” seeds, with seed classification for food, medicinal, cultural and environmental purposes. Identification and evaluation of common and “under threat of extinction” varieties. On-going and continuous updating.


  • Planting & Seed Saving Program

    Planting & Seed Saving Program

    Developing organic, open-pollinated (OOP) seed producing centers in Bali with better skilled local small scale farmers.

  • Seed Distribution Program

    Seed Distribution Program

    Creating an on-line database of available OOP seed (for trade or sale). Marketing and distributing OOP seeds for home, school, community and small scale organic food producers in Bali or neighboring areas.

  • Seed Adaptation & Innovation Program

    Seed Adaptation & Innovation Program

    Through practices of Participatory Plant Breeding, encouraging an improved local plant breeding program through closer farmer – scientist collaboration to bring about plant genetic improvement. The goal of the program is to increase production, variety and marketability of local food crops through improved varieties.

  • Seed Saving Workshops

    Seed Saving Workshops

    Providing workshops for small scale farmers, schools, communities, and special children & adult programs.

  • Grow Your Own Dinner

    Grow Your Own Dinner

    Workshops & training programs for encouraging more home, school and community gardens, and the pleasures & good practices of “field to table” dining.

  • Festival of Millets

    Festival of Millets

    Cultivating alternative grains in Bali for cooking & baking to reduce dependency on rice and imported wheat. Encouraging new plantings of a wide variety of millet and sorghum in drier marginal areas of Bali using local seed stock from Bali, neighboring islands, along with new introduced OOP varieties.

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